Nexus 9 accessories can now be pre-ordered from Amazon

value= The HTC Nexus 9 tablet itself went up for pre-order last week. And now you can pre-order both the Keyboard Folio for Nexus 9, in addition to the Magic Cover for the tablet from Amazon. The former of those will fee you $129.99, while the latter is priced at $39.99. The Magic Cover comes in four distinctive hues. You could decide on from black, ‘coral amethyst’, ‘lime stone’, & ‘mint indigo’. The Keyboard Folio is a case and a keyboard at the same time. When closed, it protects your Nexus 9. When opened, it reveals a mechanical keyboard for the tablet. You could fold it in two different angles, & it attaches to the back of the Nexus nine magnetically. The Magic Cover is magnetic too, & it too can fold into two positions. It also supports automatic display wakeup & sleep when you open or close it. The accessories are because of turn into available on November 3, which can be the release date for the Nexus 9 tablet as well. Source 1 • Source two | Via SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

iPad Air two benchmark reveals three-core CPU and 2GB of RAM

value= Apple iPad Air 2 made a trip to the well-liked Geekbench benchmark and revealed juicy bits about itself. The freshly announced full-size tablet from Cupertino sports 2GB of RAM and rather curious 3-core CPU. While 2GB of RAM are hardly a surprise as a result of numerous leaks that proposed the memory bump, the CPU setup surely is a curious 1. Past iPad models have stuck to a dual-core CPU. The Geekbench score is quite splendid too – it clearly indicates that the iPad Air two is quite a performer. We will reserve final judgements for our full review, however, at a fast glance, the 4477 score is the highest we have observed. Doubling the RAM in the iPad Air 2 is likely a step to accommodate the previously rumored split-screen multitasking. The latter is expected to crop up on the slate by way of a future update. Source SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

Android Lollipop Nexus six Theme v1.1

value= Android Lollipop Nexus six Theme v1.1 Requirements: 2.two & up Overview: This is a dependant on the most up-to-date version of Android 5 – Lollipop. Supports: ¤ Apex Launcher ¤ Nova Launcher ¤ Solo Launcher ¤ Go Launcher Ex ¤ ADW Launcher Ex ¤ Holo Launcher ¤ Atom Launcher ¤ Action Launcher ¤ Wise Launcher ¤ Mini Launcher ¤ Epic Launcher Features List: ¤ HD Icons ¤ Apex Launcher skin included. ¤ 11 Stock HD Wallpapers. ¤ Wallpaper Gallery. More Details: Code: outlet/apps/details?id=com.ote.lollipop.theme Download Directions: Mirror: SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

Polaris Workplace + PDF v6.0.two

value= Polaris Workplace + PDF v6.0.two Demands: 4.0 & up Overview: *Office application used on SmartPhone/Tablet PC/Desktop for free – Polaris Workplace *More than 600 million users selected Polaris Office’s new service! [Description] Polaris Office is a gratis workplace application which Microsoft Office documents can be freely worked on your mobile and Desktop. More often than not used PDF documents may be also read in Polaris Office. ? Did you ever had embarrassing moment when your slide show chart was not appropriately fit on your mobile device? : Polaris Workplace shows in a nut-shell like the original post of Microsoft Workplace. Now identical report from Desktop can be read & edited on your SmartPhone/Tablet Personal computer. ? You will have the ability to open your post wherever you are. : Document opened on Desktop and mobile is automatically saved on cloud storage, so you will be in a position to check your write-up from anywhere. (Gratis storage supplied) : Polaris Workplace for Windows might be downloaded at download page. ? Did you ever had difficulty in sending revised post by means of email once again? : In Polaris Office, you can use your address book or Web address (email, messenger, Facebook, Twitter) to conveniently share documents & revised contents will be automatically updated. [Major Functions] – View & edit Microsoft Office documents / View documents in PDF and HWP formats – Supports numerous files: doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx, pdf, txt, hwp – Integrates a variety of cloud storage services (OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, WebDAV, etc.) – Rapid & handy document up/download from desktop by employing Desktop Agent – Add & edit header, footer, endnote, & footnote / Ruler function – Apply and edit 37 slide transition effects / View object animation – 15 templates / 20 2D/3D charts / 173 shapes / More than 300 functions & automatic data calculation – Camera mode that might be used to take pictures & apply them to the post / Insert & play video clips / Directly open zip files [Online Channel] – Homepage : – Facebook : – Twitter : – For any inquiries go to Application > Setting > Customer Assistance or visit [Homepage] & choose Contact Us. What is New [v.6.0.2] ? Solved other known bugs. This app doesn’t have any adverts More Info: store/apps/d… Download Instructions: Mirror:…6.0.2.apk.html SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

Allthecooks on Android Wear

A neat example of this, gives you the right recipe, right once you need it. This app is a fantastic illustration of the 4 creative visions for Android Wear: Launched automatically Glanceable Recommend & demand Zero or low interaction Allthecooks also shows what developers can do by combining each the energy of the mobile device and the convenience of Android Wear.

Pick the best tool for the job One especially well-designed aspect of Allthecooks is their approach to the multi-device experience. Allthecooks lets the user search and browse the different recipes on their Android telephone or tablet. When the user is ready, there’s a clearly labelled blue action link to send the recipe to the watch. The integration is natural. Employing the on-screen keyboard and the larger screen real estate, Allthecooks is utilizing the greatest screen to browse by means of the recipes.

On the wearables side, the recipe is synchronised by making use of the DataApi & is launched automatically, fulfilling 1 of the key creative visions for Android Wear. The end result? The mobile / Wear integration is seamless. Thoughtful navigation Once the recipe has been sent to the Android Wear device, Allthecooks splits the steps into readily glanceable pages. At the end of that list of steps, it the user to jump back to the beginning with a clearly marked button. This indicates in case you would like to browse through the steps before beginning to cook, you could effortlessly get to the beginning once more without swiping by way of all of the pages. ]

This really is a excellent example of two other points in the vision: glanceable & zero or low interaction. A remarkable (cooking) assistant One of the key ingredients of fantastic cooking is timing, and Allthecooks is always on hand to do all of the inputs for you once you are ready to start the clock. A easy tap on the blue “1” and Allthecooks will automatically set the timer to 1 hour. It is a gentle suggestion that Allthecooks can set the timer for you should you want. Alternatively, should you want to use your egg timer, why not? It’s a modest detail on the other hand it really demonstrates the last & final element of Android Wear’s vision of propose & demand.

It is an ever ready assistant when the user wants it. At the same time, it’s respectful and does not force the user to go down a route that the user doesn’t need. It is concerning the particulars Great design is about being user-centric and paying attention to particulars. Allthecooks could have just shrunk their mobile app for wear

Finest mobile telephone deals 2014 British Isles: The best smartphone contracts in Great Britain … – Computer Advisor

value= We search the world wide web for the finest mobile telephone deals around such as iPhone 6 & Sony Xperia Z3 By Chris Martin | Personal computer Advisor | 20 October 14 Choosing a smartphone is hard work with the quantity of choice on offer these days. Even should you know which smartphone you want, it’s then a minefield trying to find the greatest deal. Here are our 5 best mobile phone offers for 2014 including the iPhone 6 & Sony Xperia Z3. Updated on 20/ten/14. See also: The 37 best smartphones: The greatest phones you could purchase in 2014. Here we’ve taken five of the correct smartphones accessible to get right now and searched high and low for the greatest deal. All are 2-year contracts (now a common) and most incorporate unlimited data. Bear in mind that these could not be the best deal for you. I.e., if you use less info choose a contract with 1- or 2GB or even obtain the phone outright and find a SIM-only deal. The iPhone 5S has been replaced by the iPhone 6 as expected & it comes with the rumoured 4.7in display and a new design. Within our opinion, the proper deal for the iPhone six on contract is with Three which is providing all-you can-eat minutes and texts, plus 1 GB of data for £38 per month over two years. There is a £99 one-off cost for the phone itself. Total cost: £1,011 Sony’s Xperia Z3 could not be massively distinct to the Xperia Z2 but is now the firm’s flagship smartphone. New features incorporate High-Res audio and PS4 Remote Play. It is buymobiles which will give you a gratis Xperia Z3 on EE at £38.99 per month. It’s two years lengthy like most contracts, & has 4 GB of facts, unlimited text messages & minutes. Total price: £935.76 Samsung continues to battle with the iPhone & a lot of rival Android smartphones. The Galaxy S5 is plastic but feature packed with a waterproof design, fingerprint scanner, IR blaster and heart rate monitor. Three is offering the Galaxy S5 for £33 per month with a £49 upfront price. The contract contains unlimited minutes and text messages and 2 GB of data. If you are seeking out unlimited data, head to buymobiles & you will get the telephone for gratis on a £36 per month contract (with 3). Total expense: £841 Greatest LG G3 deals The LG G3 is the follow-up to the G2 and boasts the highest resolution screen on a smartphone. It is Quad HD (2560 x 1440) and other features include a 13Mp camera and an IR blaster. Previously, the right deal we could find was with Carphone Warehouse although is is now 3 which is providing the LG G3 for £33 per month with a zero cost phone and 2GB of data. All-you can-eat details is accessible for an additional £3 per month. Total expense: £792 The HTC 1 M8 is one of the most desirable smartphones around thanks to it stunning aluminium design. You also get the exclusive Duo Camera which can refocus photographs after they’ve been taken. Once once again 3 comes out on top with a £32 per month contract plus a one-off fee of £29. Like the Samsung offer, it comes with unlimited calls & texts and 2 GB of data. All-you can-eat details is obtainable at £35 per month. Total expense: £797 Mobile Telephone Deals | FindTheBest SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

HP announce they are back in the phone game

Their webOS operating system, which had been purchased from Palm, was one of the most technologically advanced and user friendly platforms out there. It was so good that even Bono from U2 invested in it. However points did not go well for webOS & HP eventually decided to pull the plug on the operating strategy & stop making mobile phones. That all altered this week when HP announced two new smartphones. Sadly for webOS fans both devices will run on Android.

HP confirmed yesterday that they’re creating 2 new devices, the Slate6 VoiceTab and the Slate7 VoiceTab. These are sizeable phones – the numbers in the name corresponds with the diameter of the phones in inches. The larger of the 2 phones, at seven inches, is stretching what might seriously be considered to be a phone. In spite of the sizeable sizes of both devices HP insist that they are “slim adequate to fit nicely in the pocket.”

Details specifications on the phones aren’t accessible however, in spite of this we’re hearing that they will contain 1 GHz Marvell quad-core processors, & will also come with dual-SIMs allowing you to speedily switch networks – for instance if you cross a border. The render of the phones also shows they’ve front facing speakers, indicating that HP have included fantastic audio components.

The screens are rumoured to be 720p HD, which is not quite as high as we’d like to see on devices this considerable. Other rumours incorporate 16 GB of storage, expandable by MicroSD card, and two cameras – the major rear camera being five megapixels, plus the forward facing camera rated at 2 megapixels. Sadly the devices will only be 3G instead of 4G LTE. The specifications that have actually been released indicate that this is a mid-range device which will be aimed at mid & lower revenue countries more than The United Kingdom, although you’ll quite possibly nonetheless have the ability to get your hands on one if you’re looking for a really sizeable handset.

Sources point to India being the main target industry for these important phones, which could prove popular as an choice for combining tablet & phone purchases into 1 device. The announcement of the new phones is not too much of a surprise. Only several months ago HP CEO Meg Whitman verified that the Computer giant was going to re-enter the sector at a future date, & most rumours pointed to the company building low expense phones for emerging marketplaces.

Beginning in India makes a large amount of sense for HP as it’s the leading Computer manufacturer in that country, & so has fantastic brand recognition. It also believes that it is filling a consumer desire that isn’t being served to provide a consolidated device. Maybe the most distinctive thing about these handsets is their look

Master of the Property? Who Controls the Home in the web of Things?

value= I had an interesting conversation with an American buddy recently about how the AT&T Digital Life product had helped him take control of the temperature in his property…. from his wife! I’ve proficient air conditioning wars at a company I used to work at – the thermostat was at the end of the office near the door. At a variety of points, precise men and women would go and turn it up to full heat, whilst others would go & turn it completely down to cold. It was a mess. In the end facilities remedied it by taking control away 100% & no-one was happy. Whilst somewhat amusing, it does raise fascinating questions for the future home world wide web-of-things (IoT) solutions. Is the administrator or ‘Master’ of the residence IoT system de facto the most tech-savvy person in the home? Statistics on technical career choices would dictate that is possibly generally a man. Does that put girls in an unfair or weak position when it comes to privacy? What rights do other family members have to privacy & control? What about visitors? Rental Residences and Break Lets What about rented residences? In the future home automation, monitoring & other IoT solutions are likely to be built in to new residences. What rights do those that are leasing residences have when it comes to ensuring that the Landlord cannot monitor or control such a strategy? Abusive & Controlling Relationships What happens in circumstances of domestic violence, controlling behaviour & abuse? Spyware applications are often used by jealous partners so there is nothing to express that such people would not make use of IoT technology as part of their controlling behaviour. The Excellent Side On the flip-side, there are plenty of examples of cameras being used by home owners which have caught thieves, discovered abuse by child minders and by carers for the elderly. For a lot of vulnerable men and women, door cameras have been helpful to deter and detect cold callers who would take economic advantage of them. These new social realities are happening now. Whilst home IoT solutions are more often than not superb, for a few men and women, even being at home may become a difficulty. SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl

Basic Guide To Mobile Phone Coverage

Mobile phone coverage is distributed by networks consisting of multiple contiguous cells, each of which is served by a separate transmitter with fixed locations, called base station. Each cell covers a certain area and all the cells together provide radio coverage of a much wider geographical area. This makes it possible to operate simultaneously a plurality of mobile transceivers (e. G., mobile phones, pagers, among others), irrespective of whether they are stationary or moving from one cell to another.

Before the introduction of mobile phone networks there were mobile radiotelephone systems – for example, in cars. The radio telephone system, however, had only one central antenna tower in every city and a limited number (perhaps 25) of channels for use by each tower.

This means that the phone in a car needed a powerful transmitter so that it can link on a radio distance of 40 or 50 miles. This also means that it was also difficult for many people to simultaneously use the radio, as there were insufficient channels.

Mobile networks offer a number of advantages over other alternatives: increased capacity (service to many users simultaneously), low power consumption (for both individual devices and the base station), wider coverage and low interference. A simple example of a mobile network is a radio system for drivers of old taxis which were supported by multiple transceivers, each managed by a single operator.

In order to realize the mobile network, all base stations contribute directly to the radio signal that is divided into cells. The shape of the cells may be hexagon, a square, round or otherwise, the most common being the hexagon. Of each of these cells identify several operating frequencies (f1 – f6) of corresponding base stations. Same group of frequencies can be reused in other cells, provided that they are sufficiently remote, otherwise they create signal interference, which is undesirable.

Although initially towers with two-way radios were the center of a cell and emitted in all directions, it is possible for the network map to be redrawn. Each tower has three antennas oriented in three different directions, spaced 120 degrees from each other (total 360 degrees), and can transmit and receive at three different frequencies for the three cells. This provides at least three channels (three towers that operate it) for each cell.

The main feature of a network is the reuse of frequencies in different cells, in order to increase the coverage and capacity. For this purpose, each base station distinguishes the signal produced by its own transceiver from other signals received from neighboring base stations. There are two standardized solutions to this problem: frequency division multiplexing access (FDMA) and code division multiplexing access (CDMA). FDMA operates using different frequencies for each neighboring cell. By adjusting the frequency to a selected individual cell it can avoid signals from other cells.

Each cell network has some sort of radiative mechanism. It can be used directly for the submission of information to multiple mobile devices. Their most important task entails adjusting communication channels between the mobile transceiver and the base station. This is called paging. Details of the process of paging vary from network to network, but its foundation is the fact that the area where the phone is located is known.

iOS 7.1 Launched

value= Apple has launched an update to its iPhone operating process, iOS. The newest update, iOS 7.1, fixes a number of bugs, adds new features and makes a few modifications to the design of the user interface. The update is accessible now to download, & you could do so either with your phone or by plugging in and using iTunes to update. Maybe the most thrilling new feature is CarPlay. Automobiles that include this will have the ability to bring up features from the iPhone onto their inbuilt infotainment strategies. These include the core phone functionality of making & receiving calls and messages. Also included in maps, allowing your automobile infotainment dashboard to show you the GPS directions as you drive. There’s also music, and support for quite a few third party music apps. This allows you to use your steering wheel music controls on the iPhone. CarPlay will be obtainable on automobiles from Honda, Hyundai, Mercades, Volvo and Ferrari this year, & from lots of other makers in future. Notably Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Ford, Jaguar, BMW, Peugeot, Citroen and Toyota, amongst others. Apple have sadly decided to remove 1 unofficial feature of iOS 7. When iOS  removed the limits on the amount of apps in folders, it also ‘accidentally’ introduced the capability to nest folders inside of other folders. This was remarkable for those that loved keeping their phones super organised, as it allowed them to make sub-categories. For instance you may have a sports folder which had a folder inside it for running & another folder for cycling. This was regarded by Apple as a bug & removed in iOS seven. People who had their folders like this could want to a spend a lot of time adjusting where there apps are now & generating new folders. Design has altered for countless apps subtlety, nevertheless there’s also quite a few larger changes. The very first you’ll likely grasp is the slide to unlock button has transformed. It now has an animated impact that looks like a light moving across the words. Other alterations incorporate to the telephone app, where the slide to answer button has changed away from the former rectangular design to something simpler. The end call button now is a circle, like the other telephone icons. Other apps have noticed little design adjustments incorporating Weather & Calender. Several green icons have also observed their shades altered. The keyboard has also observed design adjustments. Inside the 1st 24 hours more or less 6 % of devices updated, which is usual for Apple updates. If you are not part of the early adopters then you can update inside your own time when you’ve got a spare half hour. The update is not exactly rapid, so we propose waiting till you are not going to need your phone in the immediate future. Other updates include bug fixes such as escalating performance concerns iPhone 4 devices had with iOS7 and fixing several issues with fingerprint recognition on the iPhone 5s. There is also references in the code to 2 new iPad models that haven’t however been announced. These are simply numbers “4,3? and “four,6? however many clever clogs has worked out these almost certainly mean there will be updates to iPad Mini and iPad Air soon. Comments comments SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl